Our aim is to ensure that we consistently produce high-quality garments that surpass the expectations of our customers, whilst at the same time providing a great working environment for our employees where they can continue to grow and develop.


SeedFLOW Production System™


Our SeedFLOW Production System™ provides the framework for how we operate our factory. It helps our production to flow quickly and efficiently with the minimum of stress and errors.

It is partially based on a Japanese production method known as 'Kaizen' that has been very successfully employed by companies like Toyota over many years. The term 'Kaizen' means to continually improve. The SeedFLOW Production System™ provides our staff with a practical and systematic way of working that helps develops good habits and consistent standards.

The Seed Circle


Just as in our Training School, all our manufacturing takes place within small work teams known as Seed Circles. These are largely Peer-to-Peer groups, that work together to organise and manage themselves and their work within a given operating framework.


The team and its equipment is arranged in the shape of a circle, with each person facing inwards and thus able to communicate effectively with the other members of the team. The group is totally responsible for the quality of its garments and the attainment of production targets. Every day starts with Circle Time where the team discusses and resolves any production issues and problems within the group, and organises that day's production.


We are a Social Enterprise that empowers young people to step up out of poverty through a combination of Vocational Training and Business Enterprise.

We take students aged 16+ upwards, many with little or no education, and provide them with 2 years of intensive vocational training.

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