We have a deep passion to see our Mission and Vision fulfilled for the young people of this nation. Everything that we do is designed around this Mission and Vision, and we are constantly focusing in how how we can make this a reality.


Fueling this passion is our Christian faith. We seek to work out the deep compassion of Christ for the poor and disenfranchised through every aspect of our Training Schools and Businesses.


We have built a reputation for successfully delivering significant transformation in the lives of the young people we serve. We have a unique training system designed specifically for the local culture and to meet the needs of our students. We continuously improve and fine-tune what we do in order to raise the standard of what we achieve.




We provide Opportunities not charity. Opportunities for young people to learn a professional trade, to develop and grow as a person, to gain some dignity, and to make a life for themselves. But it is up to our students to take hold of these opportunities and grasp them firmly.


We empower young people to rise up by providing an environment in which they can develop and flourish. A safe place where they are honoured, valued, respected, nurtured and encouraged to grow. A place where they can belong and be part of a community that looks after each other and grows together.


We aim to see lives transformed. Transformed to be skilled and competent, transformed to be confident in life, transformed in character, transformed in understanding their purpose, transformed to be a role model for others.

OUR Vision


Our Vision is to see each of our students able to declare this of themselves:


I Am A Seed Rising Up. "I no longer see myself as helpless, hopeless or useless. I have put my past behind me, forgiven those who have hurt me, and set my sights firmly on what I am becoming - pushing forward to achieve my Harvest and become all I am meant to be".


To Become Skilled Confident And Respected. "I am working hard to become skilled in my vocation, seeking to be excellent in everything I do. As I work hard, as I develop my skill, as I learn to persevere and push through, as I learn wisdom and my life changes - so others will grow in respect for me".


Full Of Vision And Belief, Identity And Purpose. "I have begun to see what I can become - and I am stepping out towards that. I believe that I have great value and purpose, that God has put in me everything I need to achieve my Harvest, and that I can be a blessing to the world around me. I am not going to follow the crowd - but I choose what is good and right, walking humbly in love".


Acting With Wisdom And Integrity. "I want to be a role model for others, so I aim to make good choices in everything I do. I choose to be honest, trustworthy and reliable. I choose my words and actions carefully, always seeking to build up rather than pull down".


We are a Social Enterprise that empowers young people to step up out of poverty through a combination of Vocational Training and Business Enterprise.

We take students aged 16+ upwards, many with little or no education, and provide them with 2 years of intensive vocational training.

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