We exist to bring unique and innovative solutions to the major problem of Youth Unemployment in Sierra Leone.


Our model is to combine Training and Business into a single integrated unit - that provides in-depth quality training, real-world experience, and the opportunity for employment afterwards.

SeedGROW Training System™


Our SeedGROW Training System™ is a multi-focused approach to vocational training. We believe that simply providing young people with skills training, is not enough to empower them to truly rise up out of poverty. So we combine the 5 core elements shown here in order to provide an integrated multi-faceted vocational education system.

Comprehensive in-depth Vocational Training is combined with work experience and apprenticeships in our Business Enterprises, followed by the opportunity for employment. A Good Environment where they are encouraged, nurtured and respected enables each one to rise up. We work hard to ensure they have the Freedom To Advance - dealing with those things that hinder them. We Nurture Potential, providing each student with the individual attention and support they need in order to succeed.

Our Double-Fire Strategy


A cornerstone of our approach is what we call our 'Double-Fire' Strategy. Simply put, there is no point in lighting the fire of vocational training in someone's life, if there are no job opportunities for them afterwards. The fire inspired by the training will simply die out.


The Double-Fire Strategy seeks to not only provide quality in-depth training, but also deliver a business environment in which young people can gain real-world experience and access to meaningful employment opportunities.


Although challenging to achieve, this approach has many advantages. Chief among these is that once the business is up and running, the operation of the Training School is completely self-funding through the activities of the business. A local operation, locally funded.

The Power Of The Seed


One of our foundational principles is that each one of our students is like a seed. Seeds seem very small and insignificant. No-one takes much notice of them before they are planted.


But locked inside each seed is the potential to produce a harvest, and transform the location in which they are planted. It just needs the right environment in which to grow and flourish.


In the same way, we believe each of our students carries within themselves the potential to produce a harvest in their life. We just need to help provide the right environment in which they can grow, flourish and produce that harvest.


We are a Social Enterprise that empowers young people to step up out of poverty through a combination of Vocational Training and Business Enterprise.

We take students aged 16+ upwards, many with little or no education, and provide them with 2 years of intensive vocational training.

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